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Effectively fulfil the LkSG with AI-supported supply chain monitoring

Up until the summer, many companies will have hoped that politicians would make a U-turn and suspend or relax the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), which was passed on 11 June 2021. Instead, the law will not only come into force unchanged on 1 January 2023 - it is already becoming apparent that the EU will be even stricter on the subject.

Critics argue that there will be major hurdles in practical implementation and that SMEs in particular will hardly be able to cope with the bureaucratic burden. In addition, larger companies often have a three or even four-digit number of suppliers, which are often highly branched. The amount of information that needs to be continuously collected and processed for comprehensive supply chain control is enormous. However, it also leads to an important realisation: the implementation of supply chain diligence is largely a monitoring task.

Find out how big data can be used to obtain relevant information about suppliers and what valuable synergies can be found in monitoring and reporting in the article by our data scientist Dr Joscha Krause on

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